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DataExp®– Semitronix’s powerful WAT and test chip data analyzing tool – provides very convenient data filtering and selection operations, powerful plotting functions and auto-report function; users can easily explore specified data and quickly build 16 various plots to create WAT/In-line data analyzing reports.


  • User friendly GUI for data filtering and plotting;
  • Flexible data exploring functions with 3 levels of data filtering;
  • Support User defined output, which includes statistic calculations such as mean, median, stdev, CP/CPK, etc, as well as skew, outlier, yield, IDU, and gap calculation;
  • Support 16 various plots such as box plot, wafer map, correlation plot, CDF plot, yield plot, fail rate plot and etc.;
  • Highly reusable and data independent plot configuration;
  • Support both WAT and in-line data analyzing;
  • Convenient failure spec and attribute editing;
  • Flexible process split analysis;
  • Powerful auto data loading and auto-report function for generating report in PowerPoint format by a few keystrokes, and send out reports in email.


  • Greatly reduce human labors for WAT and test chip data analyzing;
  • Include critical area based fail rate plots, which can be directly used for product yield models;
  • Easy and fast migration between different products or processes.

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