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Semitronix participates in NEPCON West China 2014 Time:2014-06-30 Click:866

In recent years, with China's rising cost of production, the domestic electronic information industry began to shift from Southeast to Midwest areas. Advantages in cost, market environment, and government policies prompted Midwest areas to become the fastest growing areas for electronic information industry in China.

After years of development, the Midwest regions have gradually formed an complete electronic industry ecosystem around Chengdu city, and Chengdu has been known as "silicon valley in the west of China”. Many multinational corporations such as Intel, IBM, Foxconn, Nokia, Dell, SMIC, Texas instruments, ChangHong established its facilities here.

In order to promote the development of electronic information industry and the innovation and application of the advanced technologies in the Midwest,  NEPCON West China 2014 was held in the new international exhibition center hall of Chengdu city in June 25-27, 2014.

Invited by the exhibition organizers and our local partners, Semitronix attended this event as the sponsor of microelectronics summit forum in NEPCON West China 2014. Our CEO gave a lecture on "advanced yield learning for integrated circuit design and manufacturing" at the summit. As we all know, yield is a key issue for both design houses and semiconductor manufacturing companies. Semitronix's CEO summarized the background and developments in this field as well as put forward new ideas for yield learning in the deep submicron era of integrated circuits manufacturing. He further introduced Semitronix ‘s yield improvement technologies to attendees. Through years of research and developments, Semitronix was able to develop new technologies and products in the yield learning and test chips areas and became a industry-leading player in this field. Semitronix’s offerings have now become a very important part of the domestic IC industry ecosystem, and have been adopted by many leading semiconductor companies both within China and overseas.

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