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Semitronix was invited to SEMICON Southeast Asia 2015 Time:2016-04-28 Click:1995

As SEMICON Singapore continues to serve as the hub of the microelectronics industry in Southeast Asia, SEMI recognizes the growth and importance of the industry across the region requires a new vision for serving our members and other customers where they do business. Hence from April 22 to April 24, 2015, SEMICON Southeast Asia 2015 was first held in SPICE Arena, Penang, Malaysia.

Malaysia always has rich experience on semiconductor testing and chip packaging. Recently, The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) of Malaysia produced an electronics industry cluster project centers on developing semiconductor production, the minister — Rafidah Aziz said the government wants to develop an industry cluster, "around the semiconductor industry, the core is wafer production, chip design and high value-added products manufacturing".

SEMICON Southeast Asia 2015 first held in Malaysia has been a big success, including: nearly 700,0 people 31% increase in attendance over 2014 event, more than 50 hours of specialized technology and business programs, 72% of visitors were involved in purchasing decision. Some distinctive activities also held in the event, such as business/government sharing sessions, VIP networking night, industrial site tour, etc.

Semitronix’s CEO was invited to speak in the Yield Productivity & Failure Analysis Forum of SEMICON Southeast Asia 2015. He gave a great talk in the forum with the title ‘Yield Management for IC Design and Manufacturing’, and shared the growth process and the research results of Semitronix. He also gave a detailed analysis on the factors affecting yield in chip manufacturing, and introduced a set of solutions for advanced semiconductor technology node provided by Semitronix. This speech attracted a lot of semiconductor manufacturers’ interests in Semitronix’s products and technology.

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