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Semitronix was certified as Gazelle Company Time:2016-10-20 Click:1900

In September 2016, Semitronix was certified as one of the 2016 official Gazelle Companies of Hangzhou.

“Gazelle Company” is a metaphor for companies on a fast growth track that resembles a leaping gazelle.  Typically, they are hi-tech enterprises with an innovative culture and high growth potential.  Demonstrated growth record indicates acceptance in technical field and marketplace with diminished business risk.

Semitronix has entered a stage of rapid growth in recent years, and being recognized as a “Gazelle Company” is a testimony of this achievements. Semitronix is a hi-tech company focusing on providing products and solutions to help semiconductor companies develop new technologies, achieve better product performance and higher product yield. Our software, hardware products and customized test chip services have established a good reputation in the industry.   Our client base is expanding rapidly, from domestic semiconductor foundries to IC design companies and leading international semiconductor companies. We are striving to become a leading provider of test chip based characterization and yield improvement solutions for the semiconductor industry.

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