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Release of SmtCell-SkillBuilder Beta Version Time:2017-03-30 Click:1723

On March 20th ,2017, Semitronix announced the availability of the Beta Version of SmtCell® -SkillBuilder, to fully automate the SKILL script generation of parameterized cells (PCELL) in the PDK packages.

SmtCell® -SkillBuilder is a GUI based P-Cell building platform – with the capacity to create any kind of parameterized testing structures and the associated SKILL script for foundries, design houses and IDMs, based on an intuitive GUI and bundled with pre-built common IP libraries. Users can easily achieve >10x productivity gain in building SPICE/Reliability/RF/Process/Yield related test structures, such as MOS transistors, inductors, capacitors, resistors, runways.  The tool also streamlines the process to export generated SKILL script to PDK packages.
Major Features:
• User friendly GUI for SKILL based P-Cell build and debug;
• Powerful layout creation and edit functions that supports attributes, constraints, operations and scripts;
• Supports more than 20 operations;
• Hierarchical P-Cell creation and instantiation;
• Comprehensive built-in error-checks to ensure quality design;
• GDS comparison to verify skill script via third-party software;
• Automated SKILL script generation;
• Supports CDF Parameter and Call back functionality ;
• Supports Linux and Window platform.
Major Benefits:
• Significantly lower PDK development cost;
• Greatly reduce engineering resource for layout creation;
• Built-in checks support error free design;
• Easy and fast migration from one technology node to another.

Skill PCELL Building Flow

Main GUI

Contact us to learn more about how Semitronix SmtCell can help you generate P-Cell SKILL script more efficiently and to speed up PDK development.