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Semitronix Participated in G.T.I. 2017 Seminar Time:2017-07-07 Click:1454

Semitronix had been committed to the yield management and improvement of integrated circuit chips since its founding.  We have developed a complete suite of smart test chip design platform with independent intellectual property, efficient parametric tester and data analysis system. Semitronix’ full flow yield characterization and improvement service helps our IC design house and manufacturing partners both domestically and internationally.

At the G.T.I. Seminar held on June 28 in Taiwan, many semiconductor companies shared the trends and challenges of IC development. With the rapid advancement of integrated circuit technology, scaling of the manufacturing process, more complex design restrictions, diversification of fail mechanisms pose challenges to both technology development and product yield enhancement. Semitronix gave two keynote talks to demonstrate the values of using advanced test chip in yield improvement. “PCM/Scribe-line solution” shared Semitronix successes with scribe-line solutions efficiency breakthroughs that enable our customers to derive rich and actionable insights from limited product scribe-line budget.  The capability to design high density, high sensitivity, high product/process fidelity and high speed test structure becomes increasingly challenging for advanced nodes, “dense-array ppb level soft failure detection” showed Semitronix patented dense array addresses this challenge while maintains optimal DUT design flexibility that supports p-cell, bit array and product standard cell, this capability has been demonstrated with multiple customers at 14nm and below technologies. The talks attracted broad interests in the audience and created more future market opportunities in Taiwan.

G.T.I. Seminar is a technical seminar held by Grand Technology Inc (GTI), which is a leading distributor of application-specific software/hardware and consulting services for the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. Semitronix has been partnering with GTI to serve our Taiwanese customers.