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Semitronix Tester IV Series Obtains CE Certificates Time:2017-11-30 Click:1440

The 4th-generation Semitronix Tester (Semitronix Tester IV) is a series of high-speed electrical parametric testers with the core advantages of fast, flexible and high accuracy electrical measurements. It provides customers with a fast and accurate test solution for electrical parametric test-chip, and especially suitable for process monitoring and reliability testing.

Semitronix Tester IV adheres to strict design and manufacturing standards, and is built with high quality hardware and software component systems. It has passed EU standard testing by authorized independent certification organization, and obtained both Certificates of Conformity in Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and EC Council Directive (EMC). These certificates demonstrated the quality and safety standard of Semitronix, and is a major milestone for Semitronix’ products to enter international markets.

To meet the diverse requirements of our customers, Semitronix Tester IV series currently includes T4000 and T4100 models. T4000 is a standard model of the tester; T4100 is a parallel tester which with additional SMUs and enhanced control matrix to support rapid test for large scale test requirements.