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Semitronix Achieves Breakthrough in High Accuracy Capacitance Measurement Time:2018-04-17 Click:1785

Capacitance is a critical metric for integrated circuits, where parasitic capacitance has strong influence on the parametric performance of the product (both speed and power consumption). As integrated circuits stride forward to advanced processes with the introduction of new device architectures like FinFET and nano-wire/sheet, accurate measurement of parasitic capacitance is becoming a key challenge for the industry. Currently, the LCR method is commonly used in industry, but it is not able to address transistor level capacitance measurement requirements because of it is typically no better than tens of femto farads in accuracy. Charge-based methods like CBCM (Charge Based Capacitance Measurement) has been adopted to measurement BEOL (back-end-of-line) capacitance, but it is unable to measure FEOL (front-end-of-line) capacitance accurately with the errors associated with FEOL and the bias-dependence of the capacitance.

Semitronix developed addressable QVCM technology that integrates QVCM capacitance measurement method and proprietary addressable test chip frame-work as a first commercially available offering in the industry. It addressed the primary error sources to achieve high measurement accuracy. As such, it solved the key limitations of existing method, such as large area of LCR based capacitance test-keys; poor accuracy of the measurement; inability to measure bias dependence and overall low area utilization of the test site area. This technology can achieve an accuracy of 1fF and enables C-V sweep, especially customized to measure MOSFET capacitances.

Our addressable QVCM technology greatly increased the area utilization of the test chip while addressed the requirement for high accuracy and bias dependence. Some of the advantages:

For capacitors of <100fF, the measurement accuracy of 1fF/<1%;

A single test module can cover ≥40 DUTs (25 Pads)

Obtain accurate C-V curve under different bias voltages;

The same DUT can be measured in 3 different modes for Cgg/Cgb/Cgsd@VB

The Addressable QVCM technology has been successfully implemented for several world-learning customers spanning 55/40/28/14 technology nodes with successful silicon validation. Our customers can combine addressable QVCM with Semitronix' existing electrical test solutions to obtain complete insight into all aspects of the parametric and yield issues for their technology and products. These data help our customers to achieve better yielding, better performing (power/performance) and faster time-to-market (TTM).

We are very excited about this technical milestone as it rounded out our addressable test chip solutions that our customers can adopted as a customized IP, or as a design service offering. We believe with these solutions, our customers can develop more competitive process technologies, more robust production and in the end competitiveness in the marketplace.

About us:

Semitronix is a leading provider of characterization and yield improvement solutions encompassing software, hardware, and services for the semiconductor industry. Semitronix’ proven solutions cover from 180nm to 7nm technologies. For Foundry, we support full technology life-cycle (from R&D to mass production) characterization test chip needs, from early stage initial designs, mid-late stage addressable high volume test keys, to product specific debug test chip during yield ramp. For Design House, we provide customized test chip solutions to help design houses improve IC design for manufacturability, performance, yield and time to market.