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Semitronix Shanghai Branch Expansion Time:2018-06-04 Click:1472

With the increasing needs of local support and R&D teams, we are expanding our Shanghai branch office and are moving into a new address. From May 20, 2018, Semitronix Shanghai Branch will be officially changed to Chuangyi (Creativity) Building in Pudong New Area。

New office address: Room 3015, Chuangyi Building, 1559 Zuchongzhi Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Contact information: +86-21-68771657

Chuangyi Building is located in the ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park, geographically close to many of the leading IC companies in China. From this branch, we look forward to serving them as well as other customers in the broad Shanghai area.

The new branch is equipped with office spaces, meeting facilities as well as recreational area for our Shanghai-based team.