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Semitronix Participated in G.T.I. 2018 Seminar Time:2018-07-23 Click:1512

Semitronix was founded to address the continuous improvement of integrated circuits, on performance, yield and robustness through effective test site methodologies. We have developed a comprehensive test chip design platform with smart design software, customized circuit IP, fast parametric tester and data analysis system.  Semitronix’s full flow yield characterization and improvement service helps our IC design house and manufacturing partners both domestically and internationally. In recent years, we devoted our effort to develop new and innovative technologies, such as advanced Dense Array technology and addressable QVCM capacitance measurement IPs that have been successfully validated down to 5nm technology node.

As a long-time partner of the G.T.I. Semitronix participated in the 2018 technical seminar held in Hsinchu, Taiwan on July 18. In the Seminar, Semitronix contributed two talks, “PCM/Scribe-line solution” and “Dense-array-ppb level soft failure detection”. Our speakers introduced our latest progress and successes on both topics. Both talks resonated with the audience that expressed keen interest with both technologies.  We delved into detailed technical discussions and collaborations and applications with our Taiwan-based customers.

About G.T.I. Seminar

G.T.I. Seminar is a technical seminar held by Grand Technology Inc (GTI), a leading distributor of application-specific software/hardware and consulting services for the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. Semitronix has been partnering with GTI to service our Taiwanese customers.

About us:

Semitronix Corporation is a leading provider of characterization and yield improvement solutions encompassing software, hardware, and services for the semiconductor industry.  Semitronix’ proven solutions were proven from 180nm to 5nm technologies with a wide range of customers from foundries, IDMs (logic and memory) and design houses. For Foundry, we support full technology life-cycle (from technology definition to mass production) characterization test chip needs.  For Design House, we provide customized test chip solutions to help improve product design for manufacturability, performance, yield and time to market.