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Semitronix Opens a New Advanced R&D Center for High Performance Tester Development Time:2018-10-30 Click:1694

Semitronix Corporation opens its Tester R&D Center located in Yuhang District of Hangzhou this month, which is an important move for Semitronix to comprehensively accelerate innovations of wafer-level electrical test technology as well as expand mass production capacity for high quality test equipment.

The Tester R&D Center is designed in accordance with international clean room standards, with functional areas for office area, R&D laboratory, dust-free assembly room and conference room. A large number of equipments has also been installed on site to support research and development work.

“Integrated circuit testing is a systematic project, an integral part of the integrated circuit manufacturing. Semitronix's previous test technology development has achieved gratifying results, and it is hoped that Semitronix will continue to grow on the road of innovation to achieve sustainable success.” Professor Yan Xiaolang, Chairman of Expert Committee of China Semiconductor Industry Association, expressed his great hope on the Center during the unveiling ceremony.

Dr. Peter Cheng, president of Semitronix, shared the earlier development history and remarkable milestones of Semitronix Tester and said that Tester R&D Center would play a strategic role of the company’s hardware products, acting as the base to develop advanced test solutions and support customer-oriented testing services, along with the mass productions of Semitronix Tester series.

At present, the newest generation of Semitronix Tester IV has shown distinct speed advantages over industry counterparts while maintaining the current measuring accuracy at sub-pA level, and its test performance can be further enhanced combined with our advanced addressable test chip and dense array test chip solution. Further information about Semitronix Tester can be found at

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