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Semitronix has Successfully Delivered its First WAT Tester Time:2018-11-27 Click:2133

Semitronix has delivered its first T4000 series WAT (Wafer Acceptance Test) tester to a renowned overseas semiconductor manufacturer recently. The installation and setting-up have been completed, and the tester performance fully meets the customer’s specifications.

The successful delivery is an important milestone for Semitronix, and it signifies that Semitronix Tester officially enters world WAT tester market. Now Semitronix has the capacity to supply small batch production to our customers, and such capacity will keep increasing steadily. Semitronix can also work with our customers to tailor the testers for their special requirements.

Wafer Acceptance Test (WAT) is an indispensable part of integrated circuit manufacturing, and testing speed and throughput have been the bottlenecks for semiconductor fabs. Semitronix T4000 WAT Tester has the core advantages of fast speed, high accuracy and flexible software. Especially suitable for process monitoring and reliability testing, T4000 provides customers a fast and accurate test solution for WAT and other electrical measurements.

• Semitronix Tester is compatible with industry standard wafer probers, supports all AC/DC test items related of wafer acceptance testing, and supports both standard and parallel test modes;

• T4000 supports up to 48 measurement channels, and T4100 supports up to 128 measurement channels;

• Includes up to 22 SMU channels, including both high speed SMUs and high resolution SMUs;

• Includes LCR Meter, Pulse Generator and FMU (Frequency Measurement Unit) as standard configurations;

• High performance switch matrix enables the sharing of all measurement resources (SMU, LCR , PGU, FMU, etc.) by all measurement channels (pads);

• Compared with commonly-used WAT testers in the market, the testing speed improvement could be around 4X to 10X;

• Small current measurement precision achieves to sub-pA level, and the capacitance measurement precision to sub-pF level;

• Has powerful software systems including Algorithm Builder, Test Plan Builder and Framework. It supports EAP system to achieve testing automation during production;

• Following high standards, Semitronix Tester has passed EU standard testing by authorized independent certification organization, and obtained Certificates of Conformity with Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and EC Council Directive (EMC).

                Id-Vg curve showing small current accuracy                                                Small Current Repeatability (Ioff)

Semitronix started the development of wafer level parametric tester as early as in 2010, and we have been continuously improving the product series on both the hardware and software since then. During the process, our testers were first adopted by several world-renowned foundries and design houses for their wafer level testing at R&D stage, thanks to their superior performances. Based on their feedbacks, we focused on the maturity and versatility to satisfy the stringent requirements of WAT's robustness and efficiency.  With today's milestone of the successful T4000 delivery into WAT market, we believe WAT customers in the industry will benefit from the consistent great values of Semitronix testers.

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