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Changsha GuangLi Microelectronics, a Semitronix Subsidiary, Established in Hunan Time:2019-04-18 Click:1202

Changsha GuangLi Microelectronics, Inc. , a subsidiary of Semitronix, has been established in Changsha City, the capital of Hunan Province of China in March 2019.

This establishment is a milestone in the course of Semitronix’s development, which will accommodate more engineering positions and address new opportunities in further expanding of our global business. With a focus on integrated circuit technology development, the subsidiary will also be providing more convenient and better technical services for our customers in central and southern China.

Changsha GuangLi Microelectronics, Inc.

Company Address: Room 1906, Building 2, Xincheng Tech-Zone, #588, Yuelu West Avenue, Hi-tech District, Changsha, Hunan, China.

Tel: +86-731-85210348

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Semitronix is a leading provider of characterization and yield improvement solutions encompassing software, hardware, and services for the semiconductor industry. Semitronix’s solutions have been applied on technology nodes from 180nm to 5nm, for a wide range of customers including foundries, IDMs (logic/memory) and design houses. For foundry, we support full technology life-cycle (from technology definition to mass production) characterization test chip needs. Our PCell based methodology, addressable IP & design software, product based design automation solutions and high-speed parametric testers all help our customers drive highly efficient TD learning and achieve higher product yield. For design house, we provide with customized test chip solutions to help improve product design for manufacturability, performance, yield and time to market. Further information on Semitronix can be found at