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The Dense Array technology is an innovative ultra-high-density test chip with ultra-fast wafer-level measurement technology; it has been verified and implemented in many of our world-leading customers, and has completed silicon validations.  Able to accommodate millions of DUTs in a single test chip die and facilitate tens of thousands of DUTs to be tested in a second.  Dense Array is a complete test chip solution for process development and yield improvement in advanced semiconductor processes.

The technical specifications are as follows:
• > 1 million DUTs in a test chip, and rapid test system to test these DUTs
• Demonstrated density of DUT is 10 ~ 25um2 per DUT.  A ~10mm2 test chip can accommodate one million DUTs
• Flexible support of DUTs, including, but not limited to standard cell library devices, SRAM devices PCell based devices and others
• Demonstrated test speed of up to 40,000 DUTs/s (single bias condition)
• Measurement accuracy down to ~ 10nA
• Test items include Idsat, Ioff and I-V curve
• Supports two test modes: continuous fast test and pinpoint DUT test
• Only two metal layers required for design
• Both open/short hard defects and outliers can be detected

Dense Array Test Chip Layout

Test Data (dark spots are outliers)

I-V Curve Comparison