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Parametric testers support the actual measurement of the test keys placed into the test chips, turning designs into actionable insight to guide the process development and production control.  Testing speed is commonly a key bottle-neck in the manufacturing flow.  For technology development, testing is also a key constraints for learning cycle.

Semitronix has developed an advanced electrical measurement solution centered around our fast parametric tester (Semitronix Tester).  The Semitronix Tester achieves high test speed with consistently accurate measurement results, through innovative system architecture and software designs.  A software-defined framework enables optimal balance of test speed and accuracy requirements.  As a result, our customers dramatically reduce the test time for their WAT and other electrical measurements.  When combined with Semitronix’s addressable test chip solution, the tester can achieve even further test time reduction.  In particular, our dense array solution is optimized with the hardware system to achieve an astounding test speed of up to 40,000 measurements per second.

The latest generation (4th) Semitronix Tester includes two models: standard model tester (T4000) and parallel tester (T4100), to meet customer’s requirement on accuracy and speed at mass production and technology development.