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In electronic circuit design, cells are the basic building blocks.  Compared to a non-parameterized cell, a PCell (parameterized cell) provides flexibility and adaptability by which key attributes of each cell instance can be defined at instantiation time.  However, the traditional way of PCell development requires extensive coding experience by its designers.

SmtCell® - Semitronix’s powerful PCell building tool - has the capability to create any parameterized testing keys, primarily through a GUI-interface, aiming for foundries, design houses or IDMs.  Users can easily achieve >10x productivity gain in building testing keys such as MOS transistor, inductor, capacitor, resistor, via chain, comb snake, SRAM bit cell and etc.

• User friendly GUI for PCell building and editing
• Supports flexible PCell building functions such as attributes and constraints
• Built-in supports of more than 20 operations
• TCL programming capability
• Highly hierarchical PCells and instances for small data size
• Built-in verification functions for error checking
• Supports both Linux and Windows OS environment

MAJOR BENEFITS • Greatly reduces human labor for layout creation
• High quality design can be achieved in an easy way
• Easy and fast migration from one technology node to another

Main GUI

PCell Building Strategy