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Semitronix Tester T4100 is a parallel tester of the 4th generation of Semitronix’s powerful fast parametric tester.  It has the capacity to provide users with consistently accurate high-speed test solutions for rapid process monitoring.

• For electrical measurements in advanced semiconductor wafer manufacturing processes
• Dramatically reduce the test time
• Even faster when combined with Semitronix’s addressable test chip solutions
• Sub-pA level accuracy


• Provide users with accurate and high-speed solutions for better process monitoring
• Offer two operation modes: online and offline
• Algorithms created in TCL for convenient editing and debugging
• Enable engineers to change the details of test plan based on the results of previous tests
• Provide a convenient method of controlling wafer probers, and specifying test frame execution flow
• Compatible with industry standard wafer probers
MAJOR BENEFITS • >10X faster than common parametric tester for addressable array testing
• Proven fast measurement solution for addressable test chips
• Parallel testing capability to further reduce test time and lower test cost
• Greatly simplified control of test systems and wafer probers in production environment
• Intelligent software environment